Louis Vuitton, Prada, D&G, Valentino, Ferragamo : Art in Fashion 2017

Even this year some great fashion brands have decided to explore the world of Art through their collections and installations in their showrooms.

It's not the first time we meet this kind of collaboration but it's always interesting taking a look of it's results!


Louis Vuitton meets Jeff Koons and his Gazing Balls :

the "Masters" Collection


“This experience is about you...your desires,
your interests, your participation,
your relationship with this image.”
Jeff Koons


Remember the Luis Vuitton's limited edition scarfs collection born from the collaboration with the street artists Os Gemeos, Retna, and Lady Aiko?
We have one of these hard to find scarves in our store.

LUIS VUITTON os gemeos silk scarf

In 2017 we see another interesting collaboration with one of the most controversial and irreverent contemporary artists: Jeff Koons.

This bags collection called "Masters" takes inspiration form the Jeff Koons "Gazing balls", repainted in oil on canvas versions of great masterpieces of painting.

The Gazing Ball is the shiny blue sphere placed in front of each of them.


 source : happenforareason.com


The viewer sees him or herself reflected in the shiny surface as well as the famous picture!

The same happens with the shining letters that compose the names of the "Masters" on the Luis Vuitton's Bags.


 source :  louisvuitton.com



The Graphics Rooms :  Prada's interior design experience

for Venice Biennale 

From the the fashion weeks of London, Milan and Paris, this interior design concept comes in Venice for the Venice Biennale of 2017.

This project of interior design called "modular design" will be displaied inside the historical Prada's showroom in Salizada San Moise.


PRADA biennale 2017

source : Prada 


In some rooms of the shop, a pictiorial motif from a Chinese screen of the eighteenth century will be adapted using the colors of the brand and harmonized with the decor.


Dolce&Gabbana Sicily Bags: a hand crafted  journey inside the traditional popular art of Sicily

 Dolce&Gabbana started its tribute to Sicily in 2016 with the collection inspired to the Sicilian Cart Art and a collaboration with SMEG called "Sicily is my love" : household appliances decorated with the shapes and the colors of the sicilian traditonal art.

SMEG DOLCE E GABBANA Sicily is my love

 source : Smeg.it


This year the brand presents a series of Sicily bags that  have the added value of being not only hand-decorated but also customized.


DOLCE E GABBANA sicily bag

 source: pinterest.com/xoxojeimonroe


You may visit the designer's facebook page and save the date of one of the events organized in the brand's showrooms of Milan, London, Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lampur to show ( and customize ) them.


Valentino and the Tattoo's art


Valentino has recently presented the "Tattoo Collection" inspired by graphic and bright colors from the old School and traditional American tattoo culture.



Designed by Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli, each piece is decorated with handmade tattoo embroideries.


VALENTINO tattoo collection

 source : valentino.com


Salvatore Ferragamo's twenties

This year the Brand celebrates the nineteenth anniversary ( starting in 1927) from the return of Salvatore Ferragamo to Italy with an exhibition at the Spini Speroni Palace in Florence: " Return to Italy. Salvatore Ferragamo and the visual culture of the twentieth century".


FERRAGAMO exhibition in Florence

 source: Ferragamo Museo Mostra Equilibrium


The exhibition celebrates the production of the fashion house during the twenties along with the art scene  of the same period ( paintings, design objects  and other artistic works.

This exhibition shows again how this between Art and Fashion is a neverending love story.

They influence each other today as during the twenties.



 Louis Vuitton e Jeff Koons - La collezione Masters 

The Guardian - Jeff Koons on his Gazing Ball Paintings: 'It's not about copying'

Domus Web - Le stanze grafiche

Dolcegabbana.it - Dolce e Gabbana e Smeg ancora una volta insieme

Dolce e Gabbana on Facebook


Valentino on Facebook

Ferragamo Museo

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