The Vintage Series by The Ladybug Chronicles: Social Networks, Online Apps and the New Era of Vintage Shopping

We are vintage lovers, we know that: we are old fashioned and we send Christmas cards instead of Whatsapp texts; we read real books (possibly second hand) and we cannot get satisfaction from the e-books; we prefer the smell of vintage shoes to the fresh perfume of a new pair of high street boots.

But we need to admit that times are changing and that there is much more vintage than we know just a click away from where we stand.

I’m used to buy vintage in shops and markets where I can at least try clothes and shoes but I realized that lately I’m falling for online shopping more and more. When I say online I don’t mean just online shops but I am talking of the very new trend of buying on social medias (Instagram and Facebook are on top of the list) and online apps.

My last 5 vintage buys come from Instagram (2), Facebook (1) , Depop (1) and Vintag (1). Crazy, isn’t it?

Without mentioning my usual “vintage channels” like Ebay and Etsy, to which I am already totally addicted!

The truth is that more and more vintage shops are also selling their goods on social medias and apps as it is quick and almost free of fees: they just post a picture, you comment “Sold” and the item is yours (once you paid usually through Paypal and send a message with your shipping address). Can it be any easier than that?

On Instagram and Facebook (where also a proper Marketplace was created) you can easily follow your favorite vintage sellers and find many more all over the world. All you need is a smartphone and a Paypal account! Depop and Vintag are online apps that work more like Ebay where you create your own account and you can let your vintage addiction run wild free! I basically buy while on the bus, on the sofa, during my  lunch break…it is so quick that it can be a real drug!

But the wide variety of items and gems that you can find around the world is incredible, basically whatever you are looking for you can easily find on these apps/social networks: so why waiting for the next fair, for your spare time to join your favorite shop in town or for your next trip to some city where you will start your vintage hunt as soon as you land?

As all online shopping it can have its downsides: you cannot try clothes and shoes and you have to make it clear with the seller that if it doesn’t fit you can send it back and receive the money that you paid. Maybe it is easier to buy accessories like bags and jewels or to ask for measurements before buying clothes or shoes.

On the other hand it is worth mentioning that you can also sell your used/second hand items on these platforms when you don’t use them anymore (like I do!); then you can also finance your next vintage shopping!

So…it is ok to be old fashioned but let’s also be smarter and have a look on social networks and online apps: a world of vintage gems is waiting for us!


See you next month then with a new  story of The Vintage Series!

Vintage Love,


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