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Vienna IS vintage. The city itself is an image of its old luxurious past. Villas, castles, gardens, churches, everything in Vienna says something about the glorious history of this wonderful city: a bit melancholic, a bit old style but definitely incredibly bold.

I returned to Vienna a couple of weeks ago, the first time being when I was only 14. I couldn’t remember a lot from my last trip as a young girl and my current trip didn’t let me a lot of time for vintage shopping but I had the chance to visit a few shops and to make some interviews in town to some very well informed vintage lovers to find some addresses for my next trip…or your next trip!

One of the things that surprised me most was the fact that when I asked for vintage shops in town the first answer was: Vintage Flo, absolutely! And I absolutely understood why once I visited this marvelous shop in the trendy Freihausviertel. Vintage Flo is an iconic vintage shop in Vienna. Here it is possible to find incredibly rare pieces from the 20’s/30’s and it is a not-to-miss shop in Vienna, maybe the one to visit if you have only one to pick. It will be hard to buy something (the prices are high because of the great quality of the clothing, the shop is famous also for providing clothes for TV movies, films and theatre) but you will be delighted to have a tour among their gems.

If you are interested in designer second hand, Vienna is full of it: from Bocca Lupo where you can easily find amazing bags and shoes from Chanel, Gucci, Manolo Blahnik and many others, to Déjà Vu and Silvia Milano where luxury designers bags and shoes are on the main menu! The Berliner Das Neue Shwarz also opened a very stylish shop in Vienna where it is easy to find many beautiful Balenciaga pieces.

Kleider gehen um and Fräulein Kleidsam are two other trendy and stylish shops that you can visit in Vienna; and so is Extraschön where you can also find an “outlet” room for more affordable items.

If you want to buy something, then you need more affordable prices with tasteful-selected items take not of the following shops:

Polyklamott: for new pieces by Viennese designers and vintage 60’s/70’s and 80’s pieces is another iconic shop in Vienna

Bootik 54: for European and American vintage clothing and accessories for men and women

Burggasse 24: Incredible bargains (I can tell you!) and a perfect place for spending rummage hours

Catrinette: adorable vintage pieces from the flea markets of Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen, a real paradise for vintage lovers!

Uppers and Downers: a very well curated shop with beautiful bold pieces to die for!

ast but not least a charity shop: Carla (Caritas Laden) is a huge shop with clothing (also designer pieces) and furniture where it is easy to find incredible bargains knowing that what you pay goes entirely to charity!

If you have time during the weekends to visit some interesting antiques and flea markets the best in town are Naschmarkt (a real institution in Vienna!) and Time Travel Antiques Market (every second and fourth Sunday in the month at the Ringstraßen Galerien and every first and third Sunday in the month at the Ekazent Hietzing).

Just one last tip: if you go in September make sure to visit during the Vintage Salon, one of the biggest vintage events in town!

See you next month with a new story of The Vintage Series!

Vintage Love,


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