The Vintage Series by The Ladybug Chronicles: Vintage Shopping in Frankfurt

While I was in Munich for work this summer I had the chance to spend a little lovely weekend in Frankfurt to see two of my beautiful friends living there. Spending time with them usually means a lot of food, shopping and amazing walks and sightseeing in this beautiful German town that I visited four times and that I saw changing a lot in the last 15 years.

Frankfurt is today one of the most interesting and sparkling cities in Germany where you can also have incredible vintage shopping sessions!

Let me be honest: it is not full of vintage spots but if you know where to go you can see (and buy) amazing stuff for very good prices.

My favorite shop in town is for sure Epiphany on the Zeil (Frankfurt main shopping street): it is basically a thrift store full of amazing designer and high street second hand pieces from clothes to (amazing) shoes and bags where you can also find beautiful vintage pieces. There I bought wonderful late 60's Escada pumps two years ago and this last time I left with a beautiful 70's bag! The first picture of this blog post comes from my first winter visit in 2015!

If you are in the Alstadt you can also head to 13 Shop: another beautiful thrift store and second hand shop that I love, also because of their location. In the same area you can also visit Aschenputtel but to be honest it is a bit overpriced in my opinion. Still their designer vintage collection is worth the visit!

If the vintage shops didn't satisfy you vintage hunger, don't forget that Frankfurt is full of charity shops, especially Oxfam: there are a lot in town and you can easily find one in the area that you are visiting!

Anyway, one of the best vintage experiences in Frankfurt is the Antiques and Vintage market along the river Main every Saturday morning: it is a lovely market full of bargains for your wardrobe and home and at the same time it offers amazing views on the city's skyline!

Before visiting Frankfurt don't forget to surf the Internet for possible random flea markets and events (this is something that I do every time that I visit a new town!) and to check also for swap parties in town: this new trend is getting really strong from what I heard from my friends living there and it is possible to find a lot of vintage stuff. For example my friend got me a beautiful suede 70's long skirt in one of these swap parties and she got herself amazing 70's shoes. If you have never tried this experience it could be that best place for a first!


See you next month with a new story of The Vintage Series!

Vintage Love,


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