The Vintage Series by The Ladybug Chronicles: VIntage Shopping in Moscow

Last month I told you about my vintage adventures in Saint Petersburg and I promised more Russian adventures this month, so I am ready to tell you more about my following days in Moscow where I had the chance to visit a lot and to find a couple of vintage gems to share with you!
First of all I had the incredible opportunity to spend my time at the Metropol, the oldest hotel in town, a real vintage gem, just few meters from the Red Square and the Bolschoi Theatre. When I headed from the subway station and saw the red stars of the Kremlin and the Saint Basil’s Cathedral at night, I just wanted to cry in awe and emotion. One of the first and life changing things that I did in Moscow was getting myself a proper Russian treat at the oldest Spa in Moscow, the Sanduny. Let me tell you that this was another crazy experience there: I will just say that after almost two hours of the warmest steamy room and the coldest showers (I will never forget!), the delicious tea and the vigorous birch branches massage, I came out of that place completely renewed (even if a bit shocked!).
After two days visiting Moscow I decided to go vintage hunting in the two biggest vintage shops in Moscow:
Not far from the city centre (but you need to walk a bit to find it) this lovely shop called Feelosophy got a special place in my worldwide vintage list: it’s small, but full of life and treasures
I found amazing vintage gems, especially amazing dresses and sweaters, but there were also new great labels and handmade accessories and jewellery to die for (like the Putin canvas bag that I regretted not buying).

Oldich Dress & Drink
Oldich Dress and Drink is definitely one of the best vintage shops  that I have ever visited in my life and in the world!
Dresses, coats, jewels, shoes and bags from auctions from all over the world (UK in particular) with the best designer and quality vintage pieces, very hard to find and rare finds. All the pieces find their perfect place in the shop and it looks more like a museum than just a shop, with vintage home-ware and other to-die-for antiques pieces. Last but not least, the big surprise: the hidden bar on the basement floor that makes Oldich more than a vintage shop, but also a place to have a drink or organize DJ sets and parties within a perfect vintage frame!

I had the chance to have a guided tour with Anastasia, the store manager, who told me everything about almost every single piece in the shop and about.  She also shared the more recent history of the store, the idea of vintage in Russia and the fact that the business of vintage there is still in it’s infancy, but is taking more and more space and interest.
This is a place that you cannot miss if ever you’re in Moscow (very easy to find as it is one of the biggest shopping streets of the town).

See you next month with a new story of The Vintage Series!
Vintage Love,
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