Our Team and Our Dreams

Our Team

Our mission is very simple. It genuinely reflects who we are. It may sound trivial, but it's exactly what I mean. We love Vintage and appreciate fashion. “Made in Italy”, as many other excellences around the world, is struggling to survive in today's society.

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We strive to keep it alive, enabling our customers to appreciate what Italians excel in. Our customers are our friends. This is a natural consequence of how we work: impeccable service, problem-solving and friendly communication are what we do best. I like to call our products “pre-loved”, or items which have been worn or used, but are in pristine condition.

Work in progress

Luxury fashion is very expensive, and only a limited number of elite customers  can afford it. Our aim is to broaden this circle. We are gradually paving our way to success by basing our work on PASSION, DEDICATION, EXPERTISE, LOVE and MUSIC.