We accept returns as per 14 day European Union and International Standards. ONLY DIFFERENCE: please notify/inform us about your return requirements within 48 hours from delivery.

We could write hundreds of incomprehensive pages on refunds and returns, BUT WE WILL NOT. Not satisfied about the item you just received? Simply don't like the item? Doen't fit? Any other issue?

Ship it back and get a refund. We ACCEPT returns from ANY country.

Contact us. We will send you our full return address. We will ask you to pay for return shipping. 

If there is an issue with the product (it could not be as described, or any other similar reason) we will send you a prepaid return shipping label!

As soon as the item is back, you will receive a refund. We have always been a family business, and want to keep things as they always have been. We want you to become a happy& returning customer!